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Students and staff alike are invited to Share> branding knowledge and experience in relation to academic institutions.

Aspiring students will be invited to join our team.

Ayelet Lahav:,

"the basics are focusing on 1...

David Nes:,

"the point is to create an ad...

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Shai Alderoty

Kaplan Medical Centre- 'Close Care'

"On top of their creativity and professionalism, Shir Spitzer Corporation are highly involved within the Kaplan Medical Centre, and are doing so through an innovative, tranquil and convincing manner". Read More


Nurit Beisky

Holon- 'The City for Children'

"Whilst working with the Shir Spitzer Corporation, they performed with professionalism, decisiveness, and sensitivity, whilst standing up to the time frames provided, resulting in all those involved to be greatly satisfied". Read More


Acre - 'The City of Mediterranean Cultures'

Shimon Lankri, Mayor

"The Shir Spitzer Corporation has performed the city of Akko branding process for about a year and half. During the branding process it was evident that the abilities of the Shir Spitzer Corporation are: A thorough strategic way of thinking, deeply insightful long-term vision, and an outstanding management of complex processes that are going under constant variation".
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