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Branding The city of Karmiel

Great City for Young Adults: To Rise & To Raise

Emphasize & Work Model:
Variety of logistic solutions and services offered by the city to support working parents; Career development services; Career centers catering the unique needs of women.

The Credo:
Young adults between the ages of  30 to 40 is probably the most important group in today's society, People who contribute to our national/ local economy while raising the new generation. We believe that an investment in this age group will benefit our society enormously.

The Mission:
Developing city services and structures to fulfill the needs and requirements of young adults and thus attracting migration to our city. Becoming a leader and a model city for young adults

Some of Karmiel Upcoming projects:

1. Carrer development center

2. Remote business center

3. Job centers carpooling services

4. Time Bank

5. The Carpooling Scheme

Coming soon: An Innovative Child Care Center>

Karmiel's Look and feel 

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