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Kaplan Medical Centre

Shai Alderoty, Entrepreneur & Marketing manager:

"Under a year ago we appointed Shir Spitzer Corporation as our branding choice. I, hereby signed, as the Entrepreneur and marketing manager of Kaplan Medical Centre, can say with full assurance that:

· The Shir Spitzer Corporation are committed and fully dedicated to the procedures they carry out.

· The branding process that Shir Spitzer Corporation carries out is based on 360 degrees process which is the outcome of thorough insightful, and strategic, procedures, that on top of other things, takes into concideration the needs of the management, and the clients, as well as the organizational needs of Clalit HMO.

· Throughout the branding process, the Shir Spitzer Corporation has presented a great ability of attract locating and recruiting all those involved into taking part in the branding process.

· The branding process Shir Spitzer Corporation are leading began with creating the most relevant strategy for the Kaplan Medical Centre, and has turned into establishing the changes needed for taking Kaplan medical Centre to the next stage.

· On top of their creativity and professionalism, Shir Spitzer Corporation are highly involved within the Kaplan Medical Centre, and are doing so through an innovative, tranquil and convincing manner.

For these reasons, I highly recommend the Shir Spitzer Corporation services".

Shai Alderoty,
Entrepreneur & Marketing manager
Kaplan Medical Centre



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