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Negev and Galilee Development Center

Avi Feldman, Director:

"Shir Spitzer Corporation has established a strategic marketing and branding process on behalf of the issue of the Negev investments.

Throughout the time frame given, Shir Spitzer Corporation has proven to be loyal, efficient, as well as fully professional through the performance of the various goals they were requested to accomplish within the contract and more.

Shir Spitzer Corporation have presented an outstanding and innovative performance from the research phases all the way up to a deeper understanding of the issue itself, whilst overcoming the complexity of the tasks and the manner in which the tasks themselves were carried out throughout.

The Corporation has prepared a work program for the marketing process, which envelops multiple projects, and these are performed in an efficient and ongoing stable manner.

The Corporation has accompanied the marketing process with initiative, creativity and innovative concepts that are presently translated from ideas to reality.

Moreover, the Corporation has led a thorough procedure, synchronizing work bodies such as government offices, with whom we work in order to achieve various project goals.

I therefore highly recommend working with Shir Spitzer Corporation".

Feldman Avi,


Negev and Galilee Development Center

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