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The City of Holon

Nurit Beisky, spokesperson:

"In the past years the city of Holon has performed a strategic plan for branding Holon as a centre of education and culture for children and families alike. The goals to achieve are to restore a greater quality of life and pride, both by its local citizens as well as the residents of Israel a whole.
Since the early 2000s the municipality of Holon has benefited from the professionalism of the Shir Spitzer Corporation, joined with their unique knowledge collected from various companies overseas.
The Shir Spitzer Corporation was the chosen winner from three differentiating companies within a creative competition. The Shir Spitzer Corporation offered a comprehensive campaign in order to present Holon as the right city for children. This was done through an effective slogan and logo that intelligently combined the use of slang as well as the use of a unique visual language.
Through the performance of their work, the Shir Spitzer Corporation proved to have a broad understanding of how to turn the strategic ideas into reality, within the multiple publications of the city regarding the branding process.
It is important to note that despite the complexity of the city structure, made up of multiple bodies with various managements and culture, the Shir Spitzer Corporation still managed to achieve a sense of loyalty based on their professionalism and their highly skilled communication skills. Through this, they managed to convince the multiple bodies involved to effectively take part in the process, resulting in a great success for the entire process.
Whilst working with the Shir Spitzer Corporation, they performed with professionalism, decisiveness, and sensitivity, whilst standing up to the time frames provided, resulting in all those involved to be greatly satisfied.
I therefore highly recommend the Shir Spitzer Corporation services".

Nurit Beisky,


The City of Holon

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