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A brand is born: Kaplan Close Care

Shir & Spitzer was invited to lead the branding process of the Kaplan Medical Center as a result of an erosion of the Kaplan Medical Center’s image and due to a decline in the public’s trust and that of professional entities within the Center itself.

The two main objectives of the branding process were: restoring the public’s faith in the medical services provided by the Kaplan Medical Center and restoring the hospital staff and Clalit Health Services’ faith in the ability of the hospital staff to bring about a professional transformation in the Kaplan Medical Center image. 

The Branding Process
The branding process included research and examination of strategic alternatives, feasibility and effectiveness assessment of each of the alternatives and formation of an interdisciplinary leadership team (comprised of physicians, public officials, intellectuals and academicians) that selected the preferred alternative. In addition, the branding process included the establishment and management of teams whose role was to establish the added values and action plans derived from the selected strategy. These implementation teams also put forward actions that promoted involvement and commitment of the hospital staff in forming the vision and realizing it, as well as actions that would create exposure and assimilation of the brand amid the public and the hospital staff.

“Kaplan Close Care”
The chosen brand is “Kaplan Close Care” which reflects the vision and commitment of the Medical Center to provide excellent medical services when proximity is of the essence on two levels - In the event of an emergency and in the event convenient access is highly significant. This vision means creating continuity and a treatment partnership between the patient and his family, the community doctors and the physicians at Kaplan Medical Center.

The results of the branding process were virtually instant: A nationwide comparative survey conducted by Clalit Health Services showed that the Kaplan Medical Center’s emergency medicine is rated highest in terms of customer satisfaction - a “leap” from last to first place. Moreover, feedback from community and regional doctors shows an improvement in the customer service system; improvement in the availability of hospital specialists to the community doctors; growing awareness among the community doctors and the public as to the centers of excellence in Kaplan and a reduction in waiting time for medical services at Kaplan Medical Center.

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