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Branding of Kaplan Hospital – the team work

1. Close to the community and treatment partnership team :
Strived to promote collaborations in diverse areas and to strengthen the rapport between the hospital wards and the clinics and other entities in the community via projects such as:
• “A ward adopts a clinic” – 5 hospital wards adopted 4 leading community clinics.
• Exchanging department “IDs” – distributing contact pages among community doctors that include information on the hospital specialists (including areas of specialization, contact details, pictures and more).
• Group encounters – hosting various entities at Kaplan and increasing communication between hospital specialists and community doctors.
• “Kaplan in the community” – hospital executives visited leading community clinics to spread the word about “the renewal of Kaplan”.
• Unique treatment packages – such as quick comprehensive medical diagnosis.
• “eKaplan” – a computerized branded leaflet that includes information on waiting times, information from the desk of the ward, Kaplan news and more.

2. Close in an emergency team :
Developed and enhanced medical services whereby proximity to the Medical Center is of the essence. The team set goals that pertain to ER services: improving admission and treatment times; improving customer satisfaction; improving ER staff work conditions and increasing the cooperation within the team. The team initiated projects such as:
• Introducing new management routines – shift management procedure (doctors, nurses, secretaries), morning briefing, round table.
• Introducing improvements in the physical conditions – closing ways in, escort stickers, new uniforms and so forth.
• Opening an ER for walk in patients.
• Conducting service workshops.
• Collaborating with professional entities: Aviv Surveys, Frontline surveys and workshops.
Increasing staff-patient rapport by providing thorough explanations.

3. Close to the heart team:
Strived to “near hearts” in the community and in Kaplan by launching projects such as:
• Kaplan in the community – Personnel from Kaplan visited schools, community centers, work places and so forth in order to disclose the activities of the Kaplan Medical Center.
“Close Medicine” project in the wards that ended with a “Close Medicine” exhibition in the wards
• Preparation of a model for encounters of multi sector wards.
• Recruiting volunteers – In order to increase the number of volunteers at Kaplan, the team issued a call for volunteers through various organizations, employees and advertisements. It improved the volunteer intake process and established a special team to focus on their intake. As a result of this activity, there was a 12% increase in the number of volunteers in 2009.

4. Availability and Accessibility team:
Strived to increase accessibility of the services to customers in terms of logistics and in terms of service awareness, by launching projects such as:
A shuttle to transport patients and visitors.
• Upgrading the parking structure.
• Improving access and the appearance of the street leading to the Medical Center.
• “Information kiosk”.
• Improving direction signs within the Medical Center.

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