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“Close Medicine” in Kaplan Medical Center wards and closing event

After determining the strategic direction for Kaplan Medical Center and as part of the implementation and assimilation process in the organization, management of the Medical Center, with the support and assistance of Shir & Spitzer, initiated a competition between the wards and units to plan and promote projects that are in keeping with the brand vision – “Kaplan Close Medicine”.

The purpose of the project was twofold:
1. To disclose the branding process to as many employees as possible.
2. To galvanize hospital wards and their employees to assimilate the brand within the Medical Center system.

How was it done?

The competition was open to all wards and units in the Medical Center whereby participants were asked to come up with ideas to develop products that support the brand, with an emphasis on the change in the organizational culture and the exclusivity of the product/service to the unit. Participating units were asked to form a team that would go from idea to applicable process, would translate it to a mode of action and make sure to assimilate the change among the employees vis a vis the target audience.
After forming and assimilating the ideas, the units were asked to build a display for the closing event that would enable displaying the idea to all hospital employees. The wards and units were given a free hand in choosing the product and the way it would be displayed at the event, and hospital management authorized the teams to use their most vivid imagination.

Huge, cheerful closing event on the hospital lawn

One thousand employees from almost 50 (!) wards and units took part in the closing event that took place on the lawn of the Medical Center and displayed their ideas in information booths, posters, video clips, accessories, models and other illustration methods. All the Medical Center employees and other guests were invited to take part in the event and to view the wards displays. A team of judges walked among the displays and judged the ideas based on several criteria (such as the number of people from the ward who took part in implementing the idea, the distinctiveness of the idea in terms of launching the “Kaplan Close Medicine” brand, the simplicity with which the idea was translated into practice and so forth). At the end of the enjoyable day the director of the Medical Center announced the winning ward and awarded it a prize.
After the event, the Medical Center management, with the support of Shir & Spitzer, continued to follow up and monitor to make sure the processes developed by the wards were implemented in practice.

To see some pictures of the event, click here.

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